Les boucles d'oreilles à clips : pourquoi passer le cap ?

Clip-on earrings: why take the plunge?

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Find the perfect clip-on earrings for your non-pierced ear!

Today it is no longer necessary to have your ears pierced to wear earrings and many women are part of the clip earrings trend. Often difficult to find and expensive, here we answer your questions to find the pair you need!! What materials are available? Which websites provide quality products at affordable prices? And above all, how to choose the ones that would suit you best?

What is a clip-on earring?

Clip-on earrings are primarily designed for non-pierced ears. They do not require the lobes to be pierced and allow women who have ears without holes to hang earrings and also benefit from a beautiful pair of earrings.
The models available range from silver hoop earrings, cellulose acetate (natural material made from cotton flower) to pearls mounted on steel clips. Going through resin or raffia for even more colorful models, they are the must have in your wardrobe for even more extravagant looks.

Why choose a clip earring for non-pierced ears?

Our clip-on earrings offer those who do not have pierced lobes the possibility of being able to change styles regularly and to dare models that are sometimes more extravagant.

If you have allergenic tendencies to certain types of metals, fear not! Our clip earrings are made for you.

For discreet looks, opt without hesitation for simpler and more casual earrings. If you want to bring pep and freshness to your evening looks or your everyday looks, DARE shapes and colors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of clip-on earrings?

The benefits are numerous, and as mentioned above, we can first talk about allergies. A pierced earring can cause allergies for some of you.

On the other hand, the clip earring can count in its advantages its hypoallergenic aspect since it does not penetrate directly into the lobe.

Finding a pair of clip-on earrings within your budget is totally doable, but finding a comfortable pair of clip-on earrings is a more complicated task because it needs to be lightweight and easy to wear all day. daytime.

A few people testify that clip earrings are not as sturdy as pierced ones. It is therefore important to remember that these trendy accessories remain jewels and that they must be handled with vigilance so as not to damage them too quickly. Turning to designers and stores that guarantee the quality of clip-on earrings often avoids this kind of incident.

Where can I find quality clip-on earrings?

If you're looking for carefully crafted clip-on earrings, you've come to the right place. Our creations are assembled manually and meticulously in our Parisian workshop where we carry out a quality control at each sale to guarantee you the best possible quality.

A very wide choice of different models and at various prices corresponding to all styles is offered to you on our online site. In addition, our customer service is there to meet your specific needs.

I also invite you to follow our Instagram page which will inform you more about the news by Francine Bramli (@francinebramliparis).

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